Welcome to Metro Property Investments Group

Metro Property Investments and its associated companies are a progressive Landlord that aims to offer a high level of service to all its tenants and leaseholders, we have structured the organisation so that we have dedicated staff for each department which includes residential property management, commercial property management and accounts.

It’s a family run business with easy access to decision makers that speeds up the reaction times especially in the repairs and maintenance section which can be notoriously slow.  We have an in-house maintenance team that are familiar with our various residential blocks and able to fault find quicker than external contractors.

We are always looking for new opportunities in all UK locations which can be any of the following:

Residential investment buildings ranging from 10-100 units
Development Sites for residential property
Development sites for Care Homes/Hotels/Serviced apartments
Commercial Investments
Purchase of Ground Rents

                                                          If you have any of the above please discuss with any of the team on 01268 833 388